(Fashion W/O Limitations)


Fashion Without Limitations produces fashion events that includes children ages 3 to 12 with disabilities and terminal illnesses. These productions demonstrate the true purpose of fashion: to empower the wearer to show their true beauty. Our productions are one of a kind — some of our models are wheelchair bound or Autistic or have Down Syndrome etc. Some are battling different forms of cancer. Whatever the case, our purpose is to bring awareness and change lives. We want the world to know and recognize everyone’s beauty and understand that confidence and attitude have a presence.  Kiddy QUAD Clothing believes fashion is universal and style is for everyone. Our productions are filled with fun, fashion, glamour and glitz. They are red carpet dress to impress events. A night where families can bond in an upscale atmosphere fit for the finest.

OUR MISSION: To change lives and bring awareness that children of special needs are also important and deserve a stronger presence in our society.  To always do God’s work unto our greatest abilities understanding that we are blessed to bless others.

Interested in registering your little model click the "register NOW" button or send an email to info@kiddyquadclothing.com

Registration Closed due to Covid-19

Ages and Gender: boys and girls are welcomed to cast as a model as long as they are between the ages of 3 and 12. Any persons over the age of 12 would participate on the adult side of the brand and would be developed according to company standards..